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Divorce Cover Ltd is based in the UK and is licenced to market the World's first Divorce Insurance Policy. Yes! You read that correctly.

This policy has been developed over the last 5 years and is remarkably simple for anyone to understand. There are no policy restrictions, it doesn't matter if you have been married before or even if you are not yet married. Also, there are no restrictions on why you get divorced, the underwriter will pay out if you get divorced for any reason after the maturity period has expired.

The content on this website is meant for informational purposes only, any advice on the merits of the insurance policies described should be sought out through a licenced broker or agent.

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Years of research with hundreds of people and we can predict the possibility of divorce with an accurancy of 87%

How about this? Take the "Divorce Probability Test" by clicking the link below and find out for yourself how likely you are to get divorced, even if you haven't set that wedding date yet.

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