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For further information on how to become an Affiliate or an Agent:

Divorce Cover Ltd now offers the ability to earn unlimited income through our partner Affiliate Program.

How do I get paid?

The insurance underwriter will pay you on every completed sale of a divorce insurance policy that your promotional traffic generates.

How much do I get paid per sale?

Payouts are based on the total monthly premium, with a minimum payout per sale of $15.00. Payouts can reach as high as $3,389.88 per sale, however, payouts over $1000.00 are rare. Average payouts are around $60.00.

When do I get paid?

Your payment will be received by the 15th of each month for the prior month's traffic.

What kind of conversion rate can I expect?

The affiliate partner reporting section tracks visitors to completed policy purchases. Because the quality of the traffic widely differs among affiliates, conversion rates vary.

Here's How It Works:

  1. We will provide marketing materials, affiliate stats, top payouts and excellent conversion rates, in return for your ability to drive consumer traffic to the website
  2. Display a logo, banner, contextual ad, or button on your website(s) or other location where visitors/viewers can easily see it.
  3. Once the consumer clicks on the link, a new window will appear offering the consumer the opportunity to get information about the Divorce Insurance product and providing them with the opportunity to apply for and purchase a policy online.
  4. Your website builds customer loyalty by offering this valuable and highly unique service.
  5. You get paid monthly!

What is the process to become an affiliate?

We review every affiliate that signs up for the program. Affiliates are reviewed for the quality of their site and the content of their site. Affiliates with no websites will also be accepted, but we will discuss in detail where the traffic originates from.
The process begins with your interest in the program. Click here to send us an email expressing your interest and we'll respond with our review form and a copy of the affiliate partnership agreement. Fill out the form at your convenience and email it back. After submission of your review form, you will be contacted by an affiliate representative to verify your contact information, verify your site/traffic information, and make a determination to the relevance of your site.

If it is determined that you are a well-suited partner, and valid information was used during the process you will receive information regarding the final step of the signup process. You will be able to log in to your affiliate management account to retrieve creative, view reports, and update your company and contact information.

About our Divorce Insurance:

It helps consumers protect themselves and their families from the financial devastation that so often follows a divorce. The policy is offered through Wedlock Divorce Insurance and various insurance underwriters around the world. We understand your concerns. We have made every effort to create an affiliate program that is fair and gives you the potential to earn significant revenue. Promote the product to your existing visitors and/or marketed consumers.

Why are we different?

Wedlock are the only business in the world that offers Divorce Insurance...it's that simple. They've polled 1000's of consumers...of all kinds, shapes and sizes...about divorce insurance. The questions centered around what consumers wanted, and how it can be provided. The overwhelming response to the questions centered around making sure the amount purchased will provide adequate protection and making sure the product purchased is easy to understand and affordable. And they're doing just that. At a price that anyone can afford.

Buying car insurance or some other typical policy online without the help of an agent may be quicker than contacting an agent to buy the same kind of insurance, but in most cases, consumers have no idea what they are/aren't protected for. This is where it really differs. People who buy a Divorce Insurance policy online know exactly what they're getting and how and when they're protected against financial loss. The applications are easy to understand and have no underwriting restrictions and no "adjustment" of claims. You can make money helping consumers buy some other highly competitive type of insurance or you can promote a one-of-a-kind service that pays you competitively AND really helps your consumers. If you decide to do both, promoting Divorce Insurance to your consumers will only enhance your website and/or marketing efforts.

Questions, live Help, HTML assistance, marketing requests, etc...
If you have any questions about our affiliate program, please feel free to contact us by email or phone in the UK at 0044 844 809 4981.

Tracking/Affiliate Administration Section:

One of the wonders of technology is the ability to track data. It allows you and us to manage our advertising dollars and track where consumers come from. Upon approval to our affiliate program, you will be given a user name, password, and affiliate code. The user name and password will get you access to our affiliate admin section. This section will provide you with real-time stats, your affiliate earnings, marketing materials, links, affiliate support, and more. For your convenience, our system is entirely automated.

Important Notice:

We reserve the right to terminate any affiliate at anytime for any reason. Here are some of the main examples:
    •    Trademark infringement
    •    Promotes unlawful activities
    •    Contains x-rated, fraudulent, obscene, threatening, or defamatory content of any kind
    •    Bogus traffic
    •    Spamming
Apply Now - Click here to send us an email expressing your interest and we'll respond with our review form.

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